Ryan Griffin  • Graphic, Motion & Sound • Design / Direction

I design big & small. Each day I build off the previous & this process leads me to tomorrow. It is active. I design graphics & make things that move. I shoot & edit film & video & can animate in 2D or 3D. I design sound & provide sound effects, music & soundscapes for use in headphones, commercials & film.

Graphic: MFA - Cranbrook Academy of Art (2D Design Department)

Roles: creative / art director, graphic designer, assistant professor, problem solver & artist

Motion: BFA - College for Creative Studies (Digital Animation & Video Department)

Roles: designer, director & editor

Sound: Self-taught with considerable help from my friends & peers.

Roles: designer & musician 

Demonstration Reel - Current highlights taken from from my digital video, animation & motion graphics work (2018)

Selections taken from a poster series I am working on for exploring metaphor & anomoly

(24" x 36", Limited, Archival Print Series) (2017 - Ongoing)

Logo / Branding Exercise done for Ash & Oak Interiors (2017)

Compilation of design work done for Gennaro Schiano (Engineer / Producer / Artist / Musician)


Logo & cover art done for Foundation Channel (2017)

MK12's School Of Motion Intro Film for the “Kickstarter” course - Sound Designer (2017)

MK12's "MAN OF ACTION! II: Ashes Of Vengeance" -  sound designer (2017)

Division Q - sketches / styleframes / explorations / posters (2016)

Microsoft CDOC welcome center lobby video wall - concepts / styleframes / production sketches / simulations working with pixelfire (2016)

Frank jewelers - logo / branding and metal punch designs for use in their initial project & launch (2016)

Art direction & design work made for Sierra Quitiquit's Film Titled "How Did I Get Here?" with Brad Mamo (2016)

Microsoft - sketch produced for the Hololens team (2015)

Synect / Gensler / Honda - lobby experience concepts for Honda's campus (2015)

Synect / Gensler - initial concepts done for Gensler's Multi Surface Experience (2014)

Synect / The Hive / Gensler Multi Surface Experience - concepts & sound design (2014)

Synect media / Microsoft - branding  explorations / studies for their retail store (2014)

Synect media - styleframe to illustrate company process (2012)

Synect  media / Microsoft - process, studies & video wall concepts / experiences for use in their retail stores (2011- 2015)

Frames from a self-promotional video and branding exercise (2010)

Salvadoria - font, logo & graphic explorations (2009)

College for Creative Studies / Crain Communications - sponsored project dealing with the future of publication & media distribution. 
My class presented UX strategy / design for a private network made up of traditional / transitioning publications with user focused content, subscriptions & updates.
(Asst. Professor / Advertising Design Department / College for Creative Studies) (2009)

Prologue - logo variations done for Blind Wink productions (2008)

MK12 / Budweiser  "Draught" & "Perfect Balance"- tactical design / production (2007)

Archive - varied projects & sketches (2000 - 2016)

Ryan Griffin

Graphic, Motion & Sound

Design / Direction


Cranbrook Academy of Art, Master of Fine Arts (2007) (2D Design Department)

College for Creative Studies, Bachelor of Fine Arts (2000) (Digital Animation & Video Department)


Graphic: Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer & Assistant Professor

Motion: Designer, Animator, Art Director, Editor & Director

Sound: Sound Designer & Musician


Cipher Collective, MK12, Quanta Magazine, Gensler, Microsoft, Sierra Quitiquit, JEH Productions, Synect Media, Commonwealth/McCann, Commonground, Primaloft, Pixelfire, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Mill, Brunner Advertising, The Ebeling Group, Digitas, Helios Interactive, College for Creative Studies, Prologue Films, Blind Wink productions, Gilbert Silverman, Organic, Chrysler Corporation, Jeep, Dodge, Vectorform, Clear Magazine, +8 records / m_nus, Octane Design, IMX Cosmetics, Hemmingway +a/studios, John Deer, DMCVB (Visit Detroit Magazine), Lawrence Tech University, Hamilton Anderson Architects, Logicos, Jeep Chairs, Planet-E records, General Motors, BF Goodrich, Jaguar, Mazda & Ford Motor Company

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